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Our Brews

May River Sunset
Blonde Ale | 4% ABV | Tulip glassware

A crisp full flavored blonde ale with citrus notes on the mid palate and some funky California Hops on the backend. The Sunset Blonde is a great beer for warm Lowcountry summer nights (or hot afternoons!). With an ABV of only 4% and a subtle taste profile that adds residual hop flavor, this also makes for a perfect introduction to the world of craft beers. Pasta with spiced up red sauce and meatballs and this Blonde are a perfect match.

Neptune’s Angel
Grapefruit Session IPA | 4.9% ABV | Tulip glassware

Neptune’s Wooden Angel is a carved figurehead on a ship’s bow that embodies the spirit of the ship and was believed to placate the gods of the sea ensuring a safe voyage. Our session IPA with citrus spike is a light bodied IPA that is perfect for anytime drinking. We add a generous amount of hops during and after the brewing process and then add grapefruit rinds during second fermentation. Enjoy with a spicy tuna roll and some rice pudding!

The Tourist
Kölsch Ale | 4.9% ABV | Flute glassware

A highly drinkable beer that is smooth and refreshing possessing a light gold color, slightly sweet with a mild malt presence and slightly dry, crisp finish. What a German Kölsch-style Ale should be! Of course pair with German foods, as simple as a bratwurst.

Hilton Head's Irish Red
Irish Ale | 5.2% ABV | Nonic Pint glassware

After enjoying a Smithwick's, and one of the best cheeseburger's ever created, in Mobile, AL's Callaghan's Irish Social Club, we were inspired to create our own Irish Red. Wooden Skiff endeavored to invent an Irish Style Red recipe with a Lowcountry flare. What we came up with is a dark and malty traditional style Red that adds a hip of dryness to the end, making this beer the perfect beer to drink with a hamburger and roasted veggies.

Barnacled Mind
Imperial Black 2x IPA | 8.2% ABV | Tulip glassware

With the backbone of a Stout, this dark malty giant can take A LOT of hops, and boy do we know. Like “The Little Engine that Could”, we kept throwing and throwing and throwing hops at this brew until we arrived at a subtle climax. Enjoy with pork chops and rich cheeses.

Saison | 5% ABV | Tulip glassware

Belgium beers get their fat taste from the yeast utilized. Our Saison has Rye, Belgium Candi Sugar and Molasses to give it a truly southern flavor. Brewing in collaboration with Tradesman Brewing Co, Charleston, SC, our Dockhand Saison is making big ripples in the Lowcountry creeks and bars. Seafood fresh from the dock will work with this one.

Porter | 6.4% ABV | Nonic Pint glassware

The "Porter" emanates from a darker ale drunk among street and river porters in 18th-Century London, from whence Stouts were also born. Our Blackwater Porter is darker brown with malty notes of coffee and hints of chocolate, balanced with milder hop additions for easy drinking. Roasted meats go well with this Porter.

Pale Ale | 5.1% ABV | Tulip glassware

Our Beached pale ale will put you in the Coastal State-of-Mind. It is a sessionable, light golden pale ale inspired by a style emerging from England in 1708 when malt was dry roasted with coke (derived from coal) instead of smoked roasted. This results in a lighter color and milder flavor allowing the hops to shine through. Also known as ESB-utilizing Saaz, Columbus, Fuggles and Northern Brewer Hops. Drink with medium cheddar cheese or while eating any meats hot off the grill!

Red IPA | 7.9% ABV | Tulip glassware

A hearty Red Pale Ale, with a hefty ABV to prove it, the malty beast provides ample structure the hurl an exorbitant amount hops without coming off as 'piney' or vulgar. Be sure to have your sailing shoes on if you are having more than one.

Roasted Sunrise
Stout | 5.6% ABV | Nonic Pint glassware

This dark rich stout is full of chocolate, coffee and malt. This Breakfast Style Stout is boiled for 90min adding gravity with baker’s chocolate added at flame-out. Mildly hopped but rested on cocoa nibs and coffee beans producing one hell of a breakfast meal! If you’re still hungry after one, pair with coffee cake.

Octagon House
Belgian Dubbel | 8.1% ABV | Tulip glassware

We're celebrating the Treaty of Ghent's bicentennial. So, in honor of the location of its signing, we are proud to release Octagon House Belgian Dubbel Ale. The Octagon House, built by John Tayloe III of Mount Airy, was used as the Executive Mansion after the White House was burned during the War of 1812. The Octagon, which was used as the French Embassy, was left unscathed and so housed the Madison’s until such time as the White House was repaired. Try pairing with apple smoked sausage or rind cheeses.

Our Story

Wooden Skiff Beer Co. was born in December 2011, when co-founder Tayloe Cook was working for an international shipping agency in Honolulu, HI. With a 5-gallon home brewing kit, purchased from Schofield Barracks in Oahu, Tayloe brewed what would become our May River Sunset Blonde and Hilton Head’s Irish Red. We currently brew our beer in Lancaster, SC while we plan for a Lowcountry brewery home of our own!

Where To Find Wooden Skiff

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